Be My Baby Interactive Baby Doll


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Children will love caring for their own little one with the Be My Baby Interactive Baby Doll.

Ideal for teaching kids all about caring and nurturing, the Be My Baby Interactive Baby Doll has many lifelike features and acts just like a real baby.

Watch as kids take part in realistic parent and child role-play games during playtimes which help them grow up and learn all about empathy.

Press her tummy to hear 9 realistic baby sounds. Comfort her by giving her the dummy or feeding her with the bottle of milk. Wait for a little burp and rock her to sleep when she is tired. 

Includes doll, cute baby outfits, plus drinking bottle accessory.

Suitable for children aged 2 years and over.

Product is approx. 41 x 22 x 10.3 cm



2 – 6 Years


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Safety Information

Please remove all packaging attachments, and any other components which are not a part of the toy, before giving this product to a child.

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