Bruder Mb Sprinter Transporter With Cross Country Vehicle & L & S Module


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You’ll instantly notice the stylish, modern design of the Mercedes Benz Car Transporter.

Modelled on the real thing, the Mercedez Benz Car Transporter is designed down to the finest detail.

As well as the high-quality doors with interior lining and the Light and Sound Module, the cable winch particularly catches the eye. Using this cable winch, vehicles in difficulty can be freed from the most difficult of situations.

Also, the tool boxes attached to the sides store the wheel chocks, and the drive-on ramps can be pushed directly into the chassis. This is a young car collector’s dream come true!
A great gift for ages three and up.



3 – 8 years



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Safety Information

Please remove all packaging attachments, and any other components which are not a part of the toy, before giving this product to a child.


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