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A fun interactive game unit that teaches spelling, counting and phonics with sounds, tunes and 26 light-up flashing keys. Choose between eight different activities. There is one that teaches them to count, five that quiz them on sounds, words and letters, and two that show them tunes and colours. Ideal for learning through play, the Phonics Desk will encourage your little ones in their first steps towards being able to read. As they progress through each game or activity, they can have lots of fun with sounds and words – learning the letters of the alphabet, how various sounds are used in words and how to spell, as well as colours and numbers. The alphabet desk uses the same teaching method that’s used in schools, called phonics, making it just right to prepare your little ones for the future. The Phonics Alphabet Desk allows your children to learn at their own pace. They’ll get a wonderful sense of achievement every time they get an answer right. Eight games to discover: Game 1: Letter names and sounds – Press a letter key to hear its name and sound (phonics). Game 2: Find the letter – Try to find the spoken letter within three attempts. Game 3: Find the mystery letter – Try to find the mystery letter within five attempts. Game 4: Find the first letter – The unit will ask you to find the first letter of a spoken word. Game 5: Learn to spell – The unit will ask you to spell different words. Game 6: Learn to count – The unit will ask you to press a specific number of keys. Game 7: Learn about colours – The unit will ask you to find a specific colour. Game 8: Music time – Press a key and hear a tune. The keys will flash while the music is being played. Start and end: Pick a word on the desk, then ask your child what sound it starts with and ends with. Spot the word: Pick a letter together and spot something in the room that starts with that letter. Sounds: Pick a word that is linked with a sound, such as owl car or bell. Ask your child to make the sound associated with that word. Suitable from 3 years. Quick Facts: – 8 different games to play – Teaches sounds, spelling, counting and colours – Keys light up and flash – Fun sounds and melodies – Helping with early reading and builds communication skills – Great for learning to sort and match – Requires 3xAA batteries (included).



3 – 6 Years



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Not suitable for children under 36 months


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