Early Learning Centre Dinner Set

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Complete with 37 accessories, this realistic Dinner Set from Early Learning Centre is perfect for gathering your toys or friends around for a grand dinner party.

Throw a tea party or prepare a fancy banquet. Practise setting up your knives and forks and learn how to set the table. Pretend to pour the tea and coffee into the mugs and serve your guests the food.

Great for the imagination, this set will inspire lots of make believe cooking fun. With enough cutlery and tools in the set, you’ll have plenty to play with friends and develop your social skills.

Product Features:

  • 37-piece dinner set for pretend play
  • Set contains: 4x glasses, 4x bowls, 4x plates, 4x coffee cups, 4x saucers, 1x coffee pot, 4x knifes, 4x forks, 4x spoons, 1x water jug, 1x serving spoon, 1x spatula and 1x serving dish with lid
  • Includes sturdy plastic kitchen tools and cutlery
  • Playing with friends boosts social and communication skills
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Product dimensions: 9.5cm (H) x 14cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)
  • Packaging dimensions: 24cm (H) x 30.5cm (W) x 7.5cm (D)



3 – 8 Years


Addo Play

Safety Information

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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