Early Learning Centre Splish Splash Adventure Island


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A splashtastic bath toy for scooping, pouring and sailing bath time fun! Race the boats around the adventure island! Fill the palm tree with water and watch the water wheels spin. See the water pour down and whoosh the boats along – block their path by spinning the octopus or flipping down the dolphin. Slide the boats down the chutes for even more floating fun! Spray water with the cloud squirter and park your boat on the sandcastle for sieving fun! There’s so much to do at the adventure island! Playing with water is great sensory play, teaching little ones how water works is a great introduction to science – Oh and is great splashing fun too! Suitable from 18 months Quick Facts: – Fun bath toy – Includes 2 boats – With scoops and water wheels – Fun cloud squirter Includes: 2 x water scoops 1 x cloud squirter 2 x tug boats 1 x water slide



1 – 6 Years



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Please remove all packaging attachments, and any other components which are not a part of the toy, before giving this product to a child.


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