Fortnite Nerf SMG-E – Motorized Dart Blast


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Blast your way to victory with the Motorised Dart Blast from the Fortnite Nerf SMG-E range.

Get ready to sneak up on your enemies with this awesome Motorised Dart Blast toy, inspired by the epic Fortnite game. You can unleash one dart at a time with the motorised clip-fed system, and the set comes with 6 darts included. To get started, simply power up the motor and press the trigger to fire.

The Motorised Dart Blast comes in bright purple and orange, with a cool spike design. Invite your friends over and create a real-life Fortnite battle at home!

For ages 8 and over.



8 – 100 Years



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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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