Gabby’s Dollhouse – Gabby’s Kitty Karaoke Cat-tivity Figure


  • Make music with Gabby and the Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitty Karaoke Set. This fun toy set includes an 8.9-cm Gabby Girl collectible figure, Daniel James “DJ” Catnip figure, a turntable furniture piece, kitty keyboard accessory, plus a Dollhouse Delivery box with a surprise accessory inside.

    Just like Gabby does in the show, unbox your special Dollhouse Delivery and discover the set’s mystery accessory. What will you find inside? After the reveal, use your imagination to play out your own adventures with Gabby and Daniel James “DJ” Catnip. Place the keyboard or surprise accessory onto Gabby and rock out.

    The Gabby Girl figure holds a tambourine in one hand and a microphone in the other, so she can sing along to her favourite songs. Press down on Gabby’s cat ears and watch as her arm moves, playing her tambourine. Press the cat ears again to lift her arm back up. Then, spin the kitty records on the DJ turntable—they really move. It’s so much fun!

    Product features:

    • Includes: 1 Gabby Girl Figure, 1 Daniel James “DJ” Catnip Figure, 1 Furniture Piece, 1 Dollhouse Delivery, 2 Accessories
    • Press down on the Gabby Girl collectible figure’s cat ears to make Gabby’s arm move up and down to play her tambourine. In her other hand is a microphone for karaoke fun.
    • This fun figure set includes a Daniel James “DJ” Catnip figure, a kitty keyboard that Gabby can wear and a Dollhouse Delivery—unbox it to reveal a mystery musical accessory.
    • Add to your pretend-play storytelling with the set’s DJ turntable. The kitty records really spin. Use your imagination for adventures with Gabby and Daniel James “DJ” Catnip.
    • The Kitty Karaoke Set includes a QR code inside the Dollhouse Delivery – scan it to unlock an exclusive reward in the free Gabby’s Dollhouse App (available on iOS and Android).
    • Suitable for ages 3 years +
    • Includes:

      • 1 Gabby Girl Figure
      • 1 Daniel James “DJ” Catnip Figure
      • 1 Furniture Piece
      • 1 Dollhouse Delivery
      • 2 Accessorie
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3 – 10 years



Safety Information

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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