Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends 2 in 1 Vehicle – Ghost-Spider

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    • It’s Spidey Time for kids with the Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends 2 in 1 vehicle with Ghost-Spider action figure.Ghost-SpiderGhost-Spider is the coolest hero in town! When she’s not playing the drums or doing ballet, her detective skills are second to none, and she’s the best at being sneaky. There’s no outsmarting Ghost-Spider and her 2-in-1 vehicle get Ghost-Spider to the action in her vehicle then convert to Ghost-Copter mode to take any action in the sky!Product features
      • Kids will love playing with this Spidey figure and 2-in-1 converting vehicle, put Ghost-Spider in the wheeled vehicle and roll to the rescue, then convert to Ghost-Copter mode to imagine aerial adventures adventures
      • The poseable 4-inch Ghost-Spider action figures features 5 points of articulation
      • Ghost-Spider and her vehicle is sized for small hands
      • Suitable for age 3 years +




5 – 10 years



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Not suitable for children under 36 months


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