Rescue Hybrids 2-in-1 Spider Tank 12cm Vehicle


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It’s time to get to work with the Rescue Hybrids 2-in-1 Spider Tank! Tackle rough terrain and go off-road with the Spider Tank or dispatch your lime green 4×4 to locate and rescue people in need.

Each Spider Tank set features one insertable die-cast vehicle, purple dart shooters and a mega army tank mounting rig with foldable function. 

Amazing Dart Shooter Function! Load, aim and fire! Launch powerful purple darts from your tank to stop your enemies in their tracks and keep the streets safe for civilians. Your enemies won’t have a chance to get away thanks to the flexible aiming arms and foldable vehicle function, allowing you to turn your tank into a towering mega army bot!

Enter Emergency Rescue Mode The Spider Tank Hybrid features free-wheel technology for easy manoeuvring, allowing your 4×4 to make quick and fast twists and turns on any surface. Plus, benefit from a smooth transformation between vehicle modes, converting your tank into a towering standing Spider Tank, taking you to extra heights!

Product features: 

  • Neon lime green 4×4 vehicle accurately scaled to 1:64, 12cm
  • Each detachable model car is approximately 12cm in length, and the tank rig comes complete with two refillable dart shooters.
  • Insert die-cast vehicle into foldable tank shooter rig.
  • Contains two flexible dart shooters with 2 x purple darts
  • Free-wheel technology for easy manoeuvring on surfaces
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +






Safety Information

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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