Rosebud Jones Family


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Including Grandma, Granddad, Mum, Dad, a girl and a cute baby, the Jones family are all ready to play! The dolls have friendly wooden faces, bendy poseable arms and legs, sturdy wooden shoes so that they can stand up and are all beautifully dressed. The three generations of dolls in the Rosebud family are ready for your child to bring to life. Help them move in to the Rosebud House and make a wonderful home, where your child can enjoy years of imaginative play (Rosebud House is available separately). The classic wooden dolls are a great inspiration for ‘small world’ pretend play for your child, and also bending and posing the dolls is good for little hands to build strength and skill. Suitable from 3 years. Quick Facts: – 6 family members in three generations (Grandma, Granddad, Mum, Dad, a daughter and a baby) – Playing with friends boosts social skills – Poseable limbs and sturdy feet for standing up – Brings Rosebud Village to life for your child – Playing pretend inspires the imagination



3 – 5 Years



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Not suitable for children under 36 months


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