X-Shot 6 Foam Dart Blaster – 48 Darts 3 Cans by ZURU


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Get ready for the ultimate battle with the X-Shot 6 Foam Dart Blaster – 48 Darts 3 Cans by ZURU.

This awesome blaster is perfect for obliterating the opposition and helping kids gain victory during playtime. Kids are free to customise their blaster however they like for fun-filled play and plenty of fast-paced action. Be sure to sharpen up your aim before battle so you can be sure to retain your glory!

Whether they’re racing around the garden or thinking up fun adventures in the house, this blaster is perfect for sparking adventurous playtimes.

For ages 8 years and over.



8 – 100 Years



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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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